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The incredible flora and fauna

Visiting Bako Naitonal Park you will have opportunity to witness plenty of unique and interesting plants and animals. Of course, most well-known are the previously mentioned Proboscis monkeys.

Bornean bearded pigs can be found roaming around the park headquarters.

You will likely be hassled long-tailed macaques (maybe even have your bra stolen, like my friend Tay) at some point.

Other animals include the colugo, slow loris, silvered langur, tarsier, pangolin, plantain squirrel, monitor lizards, otters, and many others.

Flora will include the endemic pitcher plant, the rafflesia, the bladderwort, and the sundew among others.

Bako encompasses seven different ecosystems. Ecosystems include Kerangas forest, mangrove forest, beach vegetation, peat swamp forest, Padang vegetation, mixed dipterocarp forest, and cliff vegetation.

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